A Brief History Of The Submarine Sandwich

4Answer this question based on the first thing that comes into your mind. What is the name for a sandwich that is placed on a long roll and layered with different meats, cheeses, and vegetables? If you think it is simply called a submarine sandwich, think again. Depending on where you are located throughout the nation,  you may call this sandwich by several different names.

Submarine sandwiches are known around the world as many different names, such as hoagies or grinders. Originally, sub sandwiches were only made with specific ingredients like Italian cheeses, meats, and herbs. Today, the term is used to define a sandwich made up of many different types of meat, cheese, and condiments. What’s even better is that it remains one of America’s most popular types of sandwiches.

The origin of the name “submarine sandwich” is believed to have been created on a United States Naval Base in Connecticut. Benedetto Capaldo, a local restaurant owner, would typically receive several hundred orders for these types of sandwiches every day from the sailors on the base during World War II. Capaldo would place various types of vegetables, cheese, and salami on top of a roll that looked like a submarine because it was long and thin. The nickname “sub” was given to these sandwiches by the sailors who enjoyed them every day. Click the link to get more info about Richard E. Schaden.

One of the more popular names for a submarine sandwich is “hoagie”. This nickname originated in Philadelphia around the 1930’s. It also oddly has ties to a shipyard in the area. Many of the workers would order the sandwiches from a deli close to the Hog Island shipyard. The workers called the sandwiches hoggies at first, but as time went by the name transformed to the now popular hoagie.

If you were to travel across the country, it is likely that you would find dozens of monikers for the submarine sandwich. The sandwich is called a hero in New York. Around New Orleans, you might hear “po’ boy” as the localized term. Other names for the sandwich are grinders and calzones.

In recent years, the popularity of many different submarine sandwich restaurants has risen. You don’t have to search far and wide to find the sandwich you have been longing for. Rick Schaden, one of the owners of Quiznos, has developed a successful franchise since opening his first store in the early 1980’s. Subway also boasts an alarmingly high number of restaurants throughout the United States, and you can usually find a store location in every city you travel to. It is safe to say that the submarine sandwich will be sticking around the for a long time to come.

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